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Thank you very much for your valuable support!

We engage ourselves voluntarily and without any remuneration. We also take care of the administration in a small team in our spare time. Other partially unavoidable expenses, such as the reimbursement of additional specialists and helpers, is less than 10% of the total donation volume.

Without any further mention, your donation will be entirely for the benefit of the needy earthquake victims.

Examples of costs/donation preview: Price in CHF
The monthly cost for a teacher in Nepal is about CHF 150.-
School inventory for 10 children CHF 265.-
1 corrugated iron sheet for roofs CHF 6.50
Building timber processed per m3 CHF 340.-
One door CHF 36.-
1 bag of cement 50 kg CHF 8.-
One skilled tradesman per day CHF 10.-
Material transport with a donkey to a remote village about CHF 0.70
100 kg Rice CHF 40.-

Annual per capita income CHF 720.- 

Nepal belongs to the poorest countries in the world!
Thanks to sincere partners and our own NGO in Nepal, we can avoid corruption in the country.


Verein Earth C-Air
Spissstrasse 107
CH-3920 Zermatt

Donation account

Walliser Kantonalbank
Account holder: Earth C-Air
Account number: 102.864.79.10
Account name: Klubkonto
IBAN: CH47 0076 5001 0286 4791 0
Postcheck Nr.: 19-81-6
Clearing Nr.: 765