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NGO Nepal

Earth C-Air Nepal was officially registered as an NGO in Kathmandu in April 2017. The non-profit organisation consists of the following, well-known and trustworthy team.

Siddartha Gurung

President MD and Chiefpilot Simrik-Air

Siddartha is a visionary in Nepalese helicopter flying.
A good friend of ours and a very reliable partner, as well as president of our NGO.

Sonam Bhuti

Finances / Coordination / Allrounder

Sonam works at the Earth C-Air office in Kathmandu. The helpful, cheerful allrounder looks after our aid projects and maintains contact with the villages.

Kamal Thapa

Promoter and Consultant, CEO of Chay-ya Nepal

Kamal is primarily responsible for the school buildings. He does an excellent job and knows the exact procedures with the authorities and the government. We appreciate his helpful and professional way of working!

Purbu Dorji

Dentist / Head of Logistics Medicine

Phurbu is an experienced specialist with its own mobile dental equipment. Especially in the health camps, when organizing logistics, an important person for medical operations.

Tshering Pande Bhote

Mountain Guide / Rescue specialist

Tshering is a mountain rescue capacity and a long-time friend of ours. His clever, innovative and positive way of thinking is impressive. It's really great to have such people in our team!


of the non-profit organisation Earth C-Air Nepal